Sticky, Bowery Poetry Club


Slightly north of E. Houston sits the Bowery Poetry Club.  Peering through the bay windows, one cannot predict that behind the long curtain a spacious backroom, stage, and bar exist.  With relative frequency STICKY will be using the Bowery Poetry Club to house mini-theatrical productions from a bounty of underutilized acting talent in New York City.  Along with comedic material provided by David Marcus (actor and husband of writer Libby Emmons of STICKY), the evening showcased 6 plays with several music interludes by vocally gifted and self-deprecatingly humorous Grace McLean.

Large performance halls let alone bars are endangered habitats for upstart artist groups.  Incorporating the bar and acting about audience members, STICKY’s plays elicited smirks and guffaws.  Period Piece written by Jane Elliott employed a double entrendre that went beyond discomforting expectations.  The trio of actors emoted much energy and zeal for the male phobic material.  Having missed the initial work Rubber Duck (written by Nick Burd), I will comment about Oh the Heartless (from the mind of Maiken Weise).  Heartbreak is wretched and made more exhaustive and detrimental when it involves a real extrication of the organ.  Sara Sakaan, Natalya Krimgold, and Marisa Viola satirize this notion then combine an element of B-horror tropes.  These three actresses energetically embraced fight scenes with sausage weapons and caused much amusement.  For productions of this nature, highbrow and lowbrow humor are essential for the younger, jaded audience members.

Popstar and intellectual enigma Lady Gaga had two mentions that evening, but she was the centerpiece for Joannna Bowzer’s Gaga of the Dead.  Flashbacks of youtube parodies of Bad Romance remained at the scene’s end.  Underneath this dichotomy of infected creatures and normal society is the sense of dread of change or popular influence.  How many people see this concept is debatable.  Upon the close, Grace McLean kept guests in the room with two upbeat tunes plugging her inclusion at an upcoming festival.

For $8, this cultural evening is a taste of the city that you should not miss.  Next show is slated for 11/12.

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