Stranded Wildflower in Urban Decay

Butterfly II (2010). Jane Hugentober

Butterfly II (2010). Oil on canvas. Jane Hugentober. 36 " by 36"

Last Thursday evening at Dacia Gallery on 53 Stanton Street, people gathered to recognize and welcome the solo exhibition Wildflower by Jane Hugentober.  This sliver of gallery space nestled in the Lower East Side housed the square-formatted, large canvases typically spanning 36” x 36” to 50” x 50”.  Complimentary beverages held position near a shelf offering postcards and price listings.  In spite of the mugginess due to a delayed air conditioner install, spectators idled and considered her artwork that left no wall crevice underutilized.

At about 7:45p, Hugentober presented a thesis describing turmoil and exploration of self-sabotage for how these paintings are mediated.  Ideas about defragmentation as an implosion of self could be discerned in the figurative works.  Ones without a human form (i.e., Lone) brought to mind recently deceased Cy Twombly’s paint scratches of exuberance and destruction.  Hugentober’s hardened lines defy presumptions of careless intentions.  They are rigid and self-contained as if channeling coiled internal woes.

For the main figural focus, reliance on muted white canvas with dashes of blue and orange provided breathability for the broken shards of figure and planar, linear surroundings.  Loosely analogous, Robert Rauschenberg’s colliding segments get a revising from Hugentober.  She philosophically combined natural disasters as traceable to a larger collective self-sabotage.

Along with Dacia Gallery’s Lee Vasu, UCLA is eager to have Hugentober in their mix as she was accepted into their Masters of Fine Arts program starting this fall.

The opening had a hearty attendance until its end at 10p.

Wildflower is on view until July 31st.

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