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The Artist: Charming Goodbye Letter to Silent Cinema

Those new to silent films and the impact of talkies should first watch Billy Wilder‘s Sunset Boulevard.  Nowhere else are the scars of discarded actors yearning for bygone influence and attention as well wrought.  In deviation from this classic, director … Continue reading

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A Live 80s Video Mashed with Mocked Mysticism

Jan. 20 – Off the Morgan-L Stop moments before 7p, droves of Bushwick newcomers checked their respective phone devices to pinpoint Agape Enterprise‘s location.  The challenge of spying street signs and numbers is a dying mode of survival presuming global … Continue reading

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Loyalties among Spies

Before Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy leaves the theaters, you will be gravely denied a cinematic privilege to watch a stellar ensemble enact a bestseller that had also enjoyed critical acclaim as a TV miniseries starring the impeccable talent Sir Alec Guiness … Continue reading

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